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    We act as a link between you and the annulment lawyer.

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    We shorten a process, that can, in some cases, last for years; to just one year.

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    Significantly lower costs (no Filipino rip-off lawyers) - which are clearly communicated.

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    Our annulment service

    Save precious time, nerves and above all – money! Our annulment service is the quickest way to receive what you are after.

    The marriage annulment procedure in the Philippines is incredibly complex and extremely difficult to manoeuvre through.

    When looking for a trustworthy lawyer, it is almost impossible to get a reasonably priced, and above all, serious and honest legal advice in the Philippines.

    In contrast, our specialist lawyers have focused on the annulment procedure and have already successfully accompanied dozens of our clients through the process.

    This is how we can offer you a tailored and competent concept, for the quickest possible execution of the annulment procedure.

    Together with our specially selected lawyers, we ensure that all necessary requirements are met and that the annulment can be carried out without an exceptionally long waiting time.

    We advise you on your specific case, explain you the exact procedure and are there for questions you may have.

    Why is the Filipino annulment Procedure So Complex?

    A divorce is legally invalid in the Philippines, although the majority of the Filipino population would like a change in this regard. As a result, there is no effective divorce law in the Philippines.

    For this reason, divorces in the Philippines are referred to as ” annulments”. Therefore, it is very difficult to get a marriage annulled. Even if there are serious reasons for the dissolution of the marriage, meaning an annulment is  legally possible, the way there is normally still long and expensive.

    In most cases, many unplanned costs and delays must be expected over a longer period of time. However, these are heavily dependent on how long the entire process takes, including the needed psychological evaluations, expert opinions and the lawyer’s works. So generally the longer the legal process lasts, the more expensive an annulment ends up being. This is where our service helps you.

    The Annulment of a marriage in the Philippines
    – patience is required

    The length and cost of the lawsuit depends on many factors. With the wrong approach, the entire process can be significantly lengthened.

    Especially the uncertainty, stemming from the fact that it is so difficult to estimate the duration of the process, makes it so difficult for the affected couple to enter into a new marriage with a new partner.

    Without professional help, it is impossible to have a marriage annulled in the Philippines. In some extreme cases, the court hearings can take up to 6 years. Thanks to our service, this will not happen to you.

    Our annulment service will help you to get it all done as quickly as possible.

    Don’t trust the wrong one

    In addition, there is something that we have unfortunately experienced too often and therefore launched this targeted service for other people affected: Foreigners who want to help their future Filipino wife have their previous marriage annulled, are relentlessly exploited and continuously asked to pay.

    Sad but true, there are numerous shady lawyers in the Philippines who have made it their main goal to enrich themselves with the unsuspecting and well-off foreigner. In some cases, the couples are taken through a long, obscured and uncertain procedure.

    This is exactly where our service comes in, so that you have the necessary assurance and safety, in order to develop the best possible strategy for the annulment process.

    Unfortunately, an annulment in the Philippines is a very complicated, lengthy and costly process. Especially, when it comes to the following the correct procedure, there are big differences that decide over whether it will be successful or not.

    Trust the right partner “Phil-Annulment”

    The right choice of a specialist lawyer has a significant impact on the upcoming waiting time and the expenses incurred. Therefore, the focus of our service is on guaranteeing our customers the necessary transparency and safety in all processes.

    That means: No unnecessary costs and the fastest possible process, to achieve the desired outcome. Having helped dozens of clients, we can proudly say that we have a high success rate in achieving the annulment.

    Our services include all the important components to ensure that the annulment is smooth and, above all, stress-free. You can expect an experienced and superbly trained team, as well as a specialist lawyer, who has excellently prepared for your upcoming case.

    In addition to the annulment service fee, there are of course additional costs. These are approximately about € 2000 to € 4000 (mainly for the lawyer) and an expected duration of 1 year (including our service fee!). Our annulment package price is a deposit, included and to be deducted from the lawyer’s invoice.

    Since we act as a link between the lawyer and our clients, we are able to speed up the annulment process significantly. Thanks to our close cooperation with the annulment lawyer, we can promise you a smooth process without any nasty surprises.

    This is how waiting times, costs and administrative procedures are reduced to a minimum.

    Choose us to be your reliable partners for the easier and faster way. If you are ready to book a free consultation now.