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Filipino Weddings: A Convenient Way for Binational Couples

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Filipino weddings are known to be very traditional. When you try to picture a Filipino wedding you will see the couple as they promise to love one another for the rest of their lives, they would have their wedding ceremony in a solemn church. Their respective families will have a hint of glitter in their eyes as tears of joy are threatening to pour. The wondrous wedding reception will come right after the ceremony, and people will celebrate the life that the newlyweds will spend together. That is the typical Filipino wedding that you will picture. Weddings bring families together and that is why weddings are very momentous for Filipinos.

Every young Filipina however, dreams of having their wedding day and wear that beautiful white dress as she will walk down the aisle and have her happily ever after. But unfortunately that might not be the case for all, especially for Filipinas who will marry a foreigner.

As beautiful it is to imagine that church wedding, it’s very impractical for a binational couple to get married in the Philippines. For starters, the process of getting your marriage license will require a long and complicated process, not to mention the couple will have to pay fees and do countless of government office visits. And to top it all, the marriage held in the Philippines is not recognized in the UK. So for visa purposes, the marriage will not be of help.

However, for every Filipina who dreams of that church wedding, deserves that kind of wedding no matter where her partner is from. And so, for Filipinas who are bound to marry a foreigner, but still wish to have their dream wedding in the Philippines, we offer a solution. The solution is simple, and believe it or not, won’t actually cost much.

The solution is to get married first in Hong Kong. That’s right, get married in Hong Kong and obtain a marriage license that will be recognized internationally no matter where you are or where your loved one is from. The process of getting married in Hong Kong is also straightforward and easy, and won’t consume much of your time, effort and money. With the right people to help you, you can get married in Hong Kong in just a week’s time. And the couple can actually apply for a Visa with easy and fast processing right after a wedding in Hong Kong.

Now, after you are married first in Hong Kong, you can go back to the Philippines and choose to have the church wedding of your dreams that will bring together yours and your loved one’s family. After that, you are now set to live your life with the one you love, and live wherever you may choose to and then have a family of your own.

Let us help you make your dreams come true! We are Marriage in Hong Kong and we would like to help you get married in Hong Kong. We can help you plan and we will walk you through what needs to be done for your wedding day.

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