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Getting an Annulment: Lets Learn the Basic

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Getting an annulment is not going to be just a walk in the park. An annulment involves a rigorous process that is fairly complicated, and for that very reason, people should really give it a thought first before they file for an annulment. But if they have already made up their minds to pursue an annulment in order to declare their marriage as null and void, then it is only right to do some preparations.

In this article, we will be laying out a checklist of most basic things that are needed or must be accomplished before filling for an annulment. Ultimately these preparations will make an annulment process run more smoothly.

1.Mental Stability
Before arriving to the decision, one must really contemplate if getting an annulment is really what they want. Going through an annulment is exhausting that is why anyone who wishes to go through the process must be in good condition, both physically and mentally.

2. Knowledge
Before filling for an annulment, one must educate themselves on the process of annulment. This is the perfect time to utilize your researching skills. You can also ask questions to those who have gone through an annulment successfully. You will need all the knowledge you can get on the matter, through this, you will be made aware of what is to come for you once the process on your annulment commences.

3. Sufficient Basis
Marriage is sacred and is highly thought of in the Philippines, any doubt is resolved in its favor. So before filling for an annulment, you must see to it that you have the facts that establish your ground and sufficient basis for filling the petition. In the Philippines, the grounds for an annulment are enumerated in article 45 of the Family Code.

4. Reach an agreement
Before proceeding to court, it is best that both parties reach an agreement regarding child custody, child support, visitation rights, and as well as the division of their properties. Reaching an agreement beforehand will avoid dispute and this will also help in concluding the annulment faster. If both parties fail to make arrangements beforehand, the decision will be given by the court.

5. Cost of Annulment
Getting an annulment means imminent costs. The petitioner must ensure that that they have sufficient budget to cover the cost of an annulment. The cost will include the fee of your attorney, other professional fees, filling fees and more. On some cases the cost even reaches a whopping hundred thousand, but usually it depends on how long the process will take. The longer an annulment takes, the more cost it’ll incur.

In any case for people who want to get an annulment, it is highly recommended that have prepared all that are mentioned in this article. Arranging the following will be great help in finishing an annulment faster and additionally will make the process run more smoothly. Annulments are quite complicated in nature and they can be very taxing. It will lighten your burden if you are more composed and prepared for the process. Further more, It will also help you a lot if you have the right people with you on this journey.

Be sure to hire a competent attorney. But now in the Philippines, there are also legitimate agencies that will provide you with fast annulment process for an affordable price. These agencies or firm specializes in dealing with annulments — they have competent staff and attorneys that are meant to ease your burdens in an annulment. You can ask for references from people or research on your own. However, in any dealings with people or agencies, always be cautious to avoid scam.