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Basic Info about Annulment in the Philippines: Here’s a Solution For You!

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It is a known fact that getting an annulment in the Philippines is a very taxing and perhaps the most distressing occurrence that can ever happen to an individual’s life. Coming in terms with the failure of the marriage that you once believed in is indeed already upsetting enough, it is even more stressful for individuals who want to legalize the separation with an annulment.

There is no divorce in the Philippines. But if couples were to separate legally, they are only left with three options–getting an annulment, a legal separation, and voiding a marriage.

To further discuss the subject matter, let us share with you this article to give you an information about annulment. There are two different kinds of procedures if you’re getting an annulment in the Philippines, a religious procedure and a civil procedure.

For the Catholic faith, a marriage may only be dissolved in the way of an ecclesiastical annulment. The ecclesiastical annulment is more so a declaration that no sacramental matrimony ever occurred. To explain further, the marriage will be deemed as unacceptable from the very start and thus it isn’t recognized in the eyes of the church. In the event that the annulment is permitted, both parties will be free to remarry in Church.

For a civil annulment, however, the Philippine court is left with the decision to permit termination of a civil marriage or not. Thus, similar to an ecclesiastical annulment, the
marriage must still be proven as defective from the beginning. But according to the church doctrine, the couple will remain married in the eyes of the church in the event that the couple
wasn’t granted an annulment by the church. This is because a civil annulment cannot be passed over to the Catholic Church to also obtain an ecclesiastical annulment.

Surely going through an annulment won’t be easy, and in some cases it can even take up to a decade to conclude. Thinking about how something so emotionally and physically taxing can last so long can trigger anyone’s anxiety especially to people who are planning to push through into getting an annulment. An annulment in nature is complex and will be costly, but in every situation one must keep a positive outlook in life as it is very much so possible to conclude an annulment in a peaceful and swift manner and so one mustn’t be discouraged.

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